Monday, July 21, 2008

The Mentor Project

Dear friends,

The awesome Trixibelle had a great idea ....

It is called “Mentors Project” and it works this way:


Are you a beginner in photography, avatar art or machinima? Are you making art experiments and would you love to receive constructive comments from the most skilled Koinup members?

Great! This project is for you!
Add the tag: review
to any work you wanna be reviewed from the pool of mentors and they will review and make a deep analysis of them!

Remember: To receive a constructive comment, tag your work with: review

Is there a better way to improve and become an artist?


Are you an artist, or an expert in some fields as Graphics, Photoshop, Gimp, Machinima, Windlight, Content Creations, etc?

Well, why not become a Mentor?!

If you wanna be a mentor, please add the tag: mentor
to your profile and add other tags for the fields you are an expert (ex:photoshop, windlight, machinima, second life, imvu, etc)

you can see the list of mentors:, here

Mentors will periodically browse all the works, tagged with: review

and they will comments deeply on that works and they will share their skills and teach other members how to improve!

You can find all the works, eligible for a review: here

Each time a Mentor will post a constructive comment, he/she could add the tag:
tutorial on that work

All the tutorial will be available here

All the community will benefit from this project! take part in it, Learn, Share and Have Fun!

If you have some questions, about the Mentor Project, ask Trixibelle
or leave a message on this post


Pier said...

thank you clarrice! I'm glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, and something I would like to think about also helping with. The mentors in SecondLife were a huge help to me when I was new! What goes around comes around :)

_ LifeFactory Writer (Life)

Pier said...

I'm glad you like, LifeFactory...

I saw that you have many skills in machinima, you can be mentor for machinima.......

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