Tuesday, July 22, 2008

World of Warcraft Landscapes and Banners!

The awesome Maiyya has created for Koinup, some amazing world of warcraft images and banners.

We asked Maiyya to capture some images in the hidden world of Warcraft and she kindly did all of this!

This project is part of our interest for Virtual Worlds as World of Warcraft and other MMOs. Some of them have amazing visuals and places, to discover and enjoy!

We have used some of the Maiyya images to invite other Wow Photographers to join Koinup and take part in this friendly community!

I invite Wow Members to share their warcraft screenshots on Koinup!
They can share the screenshots, raw as they have very captured or otherwise they edit, crop, photoshop them and upload after the make-up!

Feel free to share your Azeroth lanscapes and Wow screenshots, in the way you prefer!


Thanks dear Maiyya!

Now, remember to have a look at her brilliant profile and smart buddy! ;D

Following are some of her images.....


Wow Professions said...

Looks good! I was tired of using default banners for my sites lol.

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