Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Second Life Lifestyles Contest (The Winners)

Twilight Gallery and Koinup are glad to announce the winners of the Second Life Lifestyle Contest
I'm proud to remember that the winners will have the chance to be showcased in the Twilight Gallery and here for the prizes!

The main absolute winners is:
Nightswiming – By Michael119be -

The other 6 runners-up/winners are:

I miss you – By Raffaello -
I miss you

Sl Middle East – By Antonella -
SL Middle East

Fae – By Kade Klata -

Lano – By Tam Congrejo -

Combat – By Zaria -
Lifestyles ~ Combat

Don’t Dare to Hurt me – By Windflyer -
dont dare to hurt me

Belmakor Pintens and the other judges decided moreover to include in the panel of winners, the most 6 coolest entries of the contest. In order to underline the importance of the community opinions in this Lifestyle Contest!

So here are the other 6 Runners-up Community Winners

ninja angel by Angel-Ronmark
ninja angel

Waiting by Trixibelle

swing by AmiBeattie

Twin Sisters by Chel_Norfolk
Twin Sisters

DESERT ROSE ( redux )

What's up hun by Aleida
What´s up hun....

Congratulations to all the winners: The Main Winners, the judges runners-up winners and the community-coolest winners!

For the claim of the prize please contact inworld:
Belmakor Pintens

To see the criterion for the winning selection, read here

Belmakor Pintens and all the Twilight Lifestyle contest jury has been moreover so kind to express the motivation that guided them in the selection of the jury-winners.....

Here are the abstracts of their opinions:

NIghtswimming by Michael119de has one of the most amazing artist viewer relationships you can use in a photo. The artist presented smaller elements, like clothes and shoes on a boardwalk and a splash, which leaves the viewer up to figuring out and filling in the blanks for the rest of the photo. We where really astounded when we saw this photo as it makes the viewer more involved in the photo instead of just showing them everything. As to the lifestyle of the photo, although not as obvious as some of the other entries, we felt this really represented the carefree nature you can find in Second Life. A place where you can do anything you want and just have fun doing it, almost in our minds the core of this Second Life.

I miss you by Raffaello was a very emotional driven piece emphasized by the large negative dark spaces surrounding the avatar and the selective lighting. We felt this took an amazing emotional approach to the element of love in Second Life and how that effects many people in our world. Its an emotion I'm sure a lot of the residents have and empathize with.

SL Middle East by Antonella was an amazing view of the Moroccan/RP/many other different terms... part of Second Life. Not only did it present that lifestyle we have all seen but Antonella used perspective to give a great sense of grandeur, which also helped lead your eye around the frame. Another element that stuck out to us was the softness in some parts of the frame, felt it was a great touch to that lifestyle.

Fae by Kade Klata was amazing display of the world of faeries in Second Life. We felt the mystical magical world of the faeries was displayed so well, and on a technical side the black and white of most of the avatar created a stark contrast with the pink around the eyes, the pupils, and the background, really just help things pop out of the frame.

Lano by Tam Congrejo we felt really just echoed to the lifestyle of exploring the world of Second Life. The imagery of a naked man we felt showed the idea of doing something basic and ordinary like exploring. The soft colors and tones combined with the harsh contrast from bright white to dark greens really gives a relaxed feeling and seems to hint at going into the white light and exploring what is there.

by Zaria combined artistic elements of perception and pose with the lifestyle of fighting on Second Life expertly. Zaria was able to make the character look over her shoulder while holding the important element of violence (a gun), combine that with the perception of the location it gives a great sense of foreboding as the character seems to be heading down the tunnel to hunt out someone to shoot at.

Don't dare to hurt me
by Windflyer also portrayed the lifestyle of fighting on Second Life but by leaving the viewer up to what is happening. A hidden face in a photo with just eyes always creates a sense of mystery where you never really know what the character is doing so the viewer has to figure out for themselves what they are thinking and/or doing. Windflyer used this technique superbly.

Thank you to all the participants....we all hope that this event has been an occasion for all for having fun, going creative and having a good experience!

See you!


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