Monday, July 28, 2008

World of Warcraft Screenshots!

The Awesome Maiyya has been so kind to explain how to take a good photo in World of Warcraft!
The topics? How to remove Hud, how to move camera, how to get day/cicle shots? Etc...

I invite all World of Warcarft people interested in camera tools, photography, landscapes, etc.... to share their stuffs here on Koinup
Here's the Maiyya "How To"

here are some recent photos from the people of Azeroth.....


Unknown said...

Wow Good work My dear friends,I am new to this, Its very informative which i was searching for a long period. Suggest me some website where i will get more details, post some more related to this. Thanks in advance.
Kathy Richard
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Marcus said...

Sweet, now I will be making cool looking screenshots of my characters too :D Thanks for that.

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