Thursday, August 28, 2008

Geotagging the Metaverse! Koinup Places!

Didn't you miss a guide to the best Second Life Places? A tool to stay updated on the best attractions of the Metaverse? Well, now you have all of this on Koinup!

This is called: Koinup Places! Geotagging the Metaverse
Koinup Places is our way of assembling the masses of slurls and locations daily posted by Koinup members. We wanna help you guys both to discover cool places and share your fav Virtual Destinations with others!

Which are the main goal of Koinup Places:

1) Allow People to discover in a more easy/fast/confortable way: places, locations and attractions in Second Life (and hopefully soon in other virtual worlds)

2) Make more easy the share of slurls and locations on Koinup for everyone which enjoy the website!

3) Give more visibility to explorers all the people which love to visit places and share slurls with friends

4) Create a repository of all the Second Life place: easy to retrieve, use and enjoy for anyone!

5) Create a new level of experience for the belowed community of Koinup!

Enjoy the Koinup Places, now!!!

Search your fav places, teleport in the belowed locations! Comment on a place that you recently visited! These are the most recent sims discovered by the community!!!!

The banner above has been created by Cienega Soon
(thank you very much Cienega)


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