Monday, September 1, 2008

Place, "Discovered by" Feature

We are having a fantastic, excellent positive feedback on the new Places section! Anyway, thanks to some members we learnt about a small bug in the "discovered by" feature! The bug is about the timing of discovery.

Right now the "discovered by" feature is based on the timing of geotagging, not on the upload timing.

Update! The Bug has been Fixed

Before the update, if you have uploaded some months ago a photo of Svarga (without geotagging it and btw, at the time it was obviously impossible) and later
someone else added an other photo of Svarga and subsequently he geotag it

then this second member would be featured as Discoverer.....

After the fix, the scenery is totally different.

If some month ago you have have uploaded a photo of Svarga and only these you have added the slurl, you are still considered the Discoverer

This fix is going to contribute to put some order in the concept of Discoverer.
Right now what does matter is not only the action of geotagging but also the time of uploading....

Anyway guys, remember this: if you want be featured in the places section,
you have to geotag your koinup items!
There are two ways of geotagging:
1) Send Postcards from SL to Koinup, without saving on hard drive
2) Add the slurl to your uploads, more info here!

The Following explain how was the situation before the fix:

If you were the first to post a picture of a place (put as an example Tempura) , but didn't add immediately the slurl to it, it could happen that someone else later could post a pic (and geotag it) of the same place.....and he will be featured as discoverer....

Now the problem is no more (Remember, the issue has been fixed)


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