Friday, August 8, 2008

Postcards from Second Life, Tutorial

hello guys, let us clear how to send postcards from Second Life to Koinup, without saving the postcards on hard-drive!

Send Postcards Tutorial!

1) If you are a member of Koinup, you can check it our for your Koinup Upload Email, here! ( )
please login with your Koinup Credentials, before enter this page

2) If you aren't a member you can still have the chance to send postcards as visitor, by sending them to this email address:

3) Once you are in the account page ( )
You can customize your Koinup Upload Email Address, by modifying the characters in the square and then clicking on: save changes

4) Once you are in Second Life, follow these steps:
Take snapshot -
Select "Send by Email" -
Click on "Send" -
Copy and Paste your Koinup Upload Email Address in the Postcard PopUp-
(paste it in the Email Snapshot Pop Up, in the field: recipien'ts email)

Eventually, "Send" the postcard

5) Don't forget to type a title in the subject line and a description in the message box. If you don't fill the fields, sometime postcards fails to arrive on Koinup!

here you can view the Torley Video Tutorial on "sending postacards"

Other Advanced Options

1) If you wanna have a preview of how the postcards will be on Koinup, select the option: Freeze Frame!
(in the snapshot preview)

2) do you wanna add tags directly in the postcards, so that you don't have to add again, later? Well, type :
tag: followed by the tags you want in the message box
Or look here for more detailed tutorial!

3) Your postcards are not yet on Koinup? Thats ok, they will take some minutes before being on the site! so, check it our later!

Talia Tokugawa made a tutorial that will help you to save your time and set-up a default recipient email address for your Second Life Postcards. Read here


Mrs Brandi said...

Hi, is there any cost involved for this postcard service?
Mrs Brandi, author of Sketchlife, a Second Life building tool on SketchUp

Pier said...

You can easily send postcards from Second Life to Koinup for free!

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