Monday, August 11, 2008

Photo Safari in Crucible Sim!

dear guys, today we are going to have the first SL Photo Safari! It will take place at Crucible!
Save this time: Monday, 9:00 AM Sltime!

We will meet in the Crucible Sim, together with Cuwynne Deerhunter, the owner and author of this amazing place!

We are so grateful to Solange, that has been the first to discover this place and promptly shared with us!

Crucible is one of the most fashinating example of how Second Life can be used to simulate atmospheric phenomena and conditions......

Join the Koinup Group in Second Life and take part in the SL Photo Safari! Lets we see later!

Enjoy this Pic from Crucible, by Clarrice Cinquetti
Crucible 2


Anonymous said...

Very cool idea. Can you tell me, will there ever be anything scheduled for the north and south american audience?

Anonymous said...

Damn I missed it...
But 9am was too early :(

Pier said...

I'll be try to scheduled a new one on crucible for american audience....

and I'll try to scheduled with a more long forewarn

more updates, very soon!

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