Friday, August 8, 2008

Second Life Windlight Tutorial

The Super Surfer Second Life Resident Socks has been so kind to share with us a tutorial/storyboard that show how to use at the best Second Life Windlight, in order to take photos of excellent quality, without using Postprocessing Software!
Socks and other members are really interested in the idea of showing the potential of Second Life photography without the need of adding external effects, lens, solutions!

Its quite relevant theme also for the whole Koinup Project. The basic idea of Koinup, you know is about sharing your virtual life. It doesn't matter if you are an artist that know all the secrets of Photoshop and other tons of programs or a "normal" metaverse residents, which love to share photos only for fun and for telling their adventures in virtual "salsa"

The aim of Koinup is offering both suitable tools for sharing their contents!
Next weeks you will see relevant, massive upgrades that will benefit eachone!

If you wanna see more about Second Life Windlight stuffs maybe you should consider to browse the previous Second Life Windlight Contest


Socks said...

Oh wow! You weren't kidding about bogging it! Thank you for the sendup! :)

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