Thursday, August 7, 2008

Second Life Safari

Kiss the Rain - Solange Koroba...
We are going to launch a new Project! It is called Second Life Photo Safari!

The Second Life Photo Safari Project is a project aimed at helping Second Life members to explore and discover the most beautiful places of Second Life

What exactly are SL Photo Safaris?
SL Photo Safari are guided tours in the most awesome, innovative, exciting sims organized by Koinup staff

Each week, there will be a new tour in a new Sim.

Sim Owners and/or developers wll guide us in their sims and we will have the chance to talk with them about our favorite places....

Photo Safary goal is
1) Provide users with the chance to discover the best Second Life Places
2) Meet Sim owners and authors,
3) Support the Second Life Photography scene
4) Meet each others
5) Take group photos...
........and last but not least: have fun!!!

SL Photo Safari is a project by Koinup, your favorite Metaverse Social Network!

The first Sim which will host the SL Photo Safari is: Crucible,
owned by Cuwynne Deerhunter

The Crucible SL Photo Safari is scheduled for
monday - August, 11th at 9 A.M SLTime

You are invited!

SL Photo Safari is project supported by some SL Groups, which give us the authorization to send group notices and get involved their members during the Safari Events

Following are the groups, thats kindly support projecti:
Photography in SL
2ndlife Photos
The Photo Institute Group

this is preview, a Solange view of the amazing Crucible
Kiss the Rain - Solange Koroba...


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