Sunday, April 19, 2009

Set-up one or more default recipients email address for Second Life Postcards. A Talia Tokugawa Tutorial

Second Life Postcards are one of the most widespread activities within the Second Life community.

Postcards allow people to invite friends or share in real time the places they are visiting and the events they are joining in SL.

Koinup provide you with the chance to create and setup your Koinup Upload Email Address (if you're logged, visit your Koinup Account) and send Second Life postcards directly from SL to your Koinup gallery.

One of the main problems for people sending postcards is that they have to type their Koinup Upload Email each postcard they want to send to Koinup (or elsewhere).

Now, Talia Tokugawa made a tutorial to set up one or more default recipients email address. This will help you to save your time, cause you won't have to type (and remember) each time your Koinup Upload Email. Read the guide

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