Monday, August 4, 2008

Orange Island and Koinup present Photo Sessions

We are so excited to announce a new project created together with the Orange Island Community, it is called: “Orange Island & Koinup Photo Sessions”
Basically, it is a series of classes, lessons and events related to Second Life Photography, that will take place in the Orange Island Sim, and that will feature Koinup Artists!

Read here the full announcement on the Orange Island Blog

Koinup and Orange Island share the same interest in Second Life Arts, Culture, Photography and Machinima and with these events they wanna promote the emergence of a new media: Second Life Photography and help beginners to moving first steps in that area

"For the first session, what more natural than inviting two of the winners of the Orange Island & Koinup Photo Contest. On next Wednesday, Msnook and BellaMarch will open this series of events."

The first class is scheduled for wednesday, 6th august!
you can also stay tuned, by joining our official group in Second Life
Search for "koinup" in Sl groups and join it! We will send periodically notices about our activity within the PhotoSessions Project!


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