Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Photoshop Tutorials for Screenshots!

I'm glad to point your attentions to some awesome tutorials created by the mentor Ji_Dallagio
Ji is doing a splendid work, helping other members in the Mentor Project and recently has started to post some awesome tutorials to work with photoshop!

The first one is about adding and working with textures and layers

Are you blending together some images? this tutorial is for you!

The second tutorial is about: blending and modify colors

Do you want change the colors, of your subject, make some improvements in the skin of your avi? this tutorial is for you!

The third tutorial is about Extracting an Image from its current background
This tutorial is widely useful and helpful for a ton of people, because each day we take photos that we want to extract and put in other context, change their have a look please!


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