Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Announcement : Not Possible IRL Safari

All Second Life, Metaverse and Virtual Worlds citizens are invited to take part at the Not Possible IRL Safari! The Safari will take place Saturday, 13th of September, at 6pm SLT

Our meeting point is at the Crescent Moon Museum! Here's is the Slurl

The crew will be guided in several sims, by Tayzia Abattoir the founder of the magnific Crescent Moon museum. The first visit is at the Crescent Moon museum, one of the first museum of Second Life and one of the best attraction of ever in SL; then we we will move to the Aho Gallery at the NMC, a fairly new museum with some enchanting sculptures and eventually the crew will have the chance to discover other amazing places that we can't reveal (now, you know)

Now, maybe are you wondering why we have called this: Not Possible IRL Safari
Its easy, because it is collaborative project, created thanks to the support of Bettina Tizzy, founder of Not Possible in Real Life Groups (NPIRL) and because some of the places we will visit are parts of the NPIRL Sims.....

You are invited to have a look at Bettina Tizzy blog and join as well her group in SL

Have a look now, at some of the photos from the NPIRL Lands


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