Monday, September 8, 2008

Support for Facebook

Koinup is offering fully support for members which have both Koinup and Facebook accounts!
Let me show you which are the main opportunities for you to enjoy with a few clicks both the websites!

1) Have you some items on Koinup? For example Photos and Videos?

You can share them, with a single click, on your Facebook Profile and send them to your Facebook friends!!! How? its easy!
Click on Share This (beside the Koinup item), then click on Facebook Icon, insert your Facebook Credentials, Send the item! And: its done!


Login now Koinup and share your items on Facebook!

2) Wanna Export your Koinup gallery as widget on Facebook?

Why not? it will take 30 seconds!
Login Koinup, go in your Widget Page, Customize your widgets by choosing if you want your recent or your coolest Koinup works and then click on Facebook icon (eventually follow all the video instructions)

3) Stumble across a nice page on Koinup? Share and Bookmark it on Facebook!
How to bookmark a page on Facebook? Its very easy: click on Share this (beside the Koinup item), then click on: Facebook Share and then you can choose if you want to send this Koinup page/item as a message to your friends or if you want to post it to your profile

As you can see.... on Koinup you can find complete support for:
Sharing Items on Facebook
Export your whole gallery as Widget
Bookmark nice spots you can find on Koinup!

Facebook members can find interesting and helpful tools to keep me updated both the accounts!


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