Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lands, where you can find the Koinup Kiosks

Thanks to PR Wilder we have launched a Kiosk Campaign in Second Life, aimed at increasing awareness on Koinup in Second Life citizens.
Right now, around 50 kiosks have been placed and are available for residents!

So I wanna express publicly my gratitude to all the owners which are giving Koinup a bit of space in their sims. They are:

AVENUE Models -- Rusch Raymaker

NEX-CORE Model Management -- AWM Mars

The Photo Institute -- Kee Llewellyn

The ARTist's Park --Wyatt Benoir

1EarthMedia --GaiaGirl Gigamon

Wandering Spirits --Kali Meads


Rocksea Art Gallery --Rocksea Renegade

Castle Valeriya Artist Gallery: -- Cienega Soon

Primperfect Publication: --Diva Regina

Artworks Gallery and Mall --DragonLady Majestic

ECLIPSE Designs --Bryce Randt/Eclipse Lykin

SL Enquirer --LanaiJarrico

Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc. --Annette Wilder

OPC --CodeBastard Redgrave

Prinz Photo Studio --Ludwig Prinz

AR-Studio: -- Aleida Rhode

Glory's Sensual Studio & Store --Glory Gausman

2Life Photos: -- ChrisTower Dae

Pretense by Solange Korobase -- Solange Korobase

Temasek -- Veritas Raymaker

Gion Project -- Sammy Biddle

Kinky Inks --Theta Infinity and Camilla Lungu

WiseHill SunSet Island - Blue Funk Lagoon -- Jane Doe Gallery

Tempura Island -- kikunosuke Eel

The Sail Away Project -- Rafale Kamachi

Summerhausen --Kade Klata

Ael Lenn
-- Kristi Maurer (for Gabrielle Sinatra)

Magma Art Group -- Omurtag Milev

Sunset Commerce -- Shenandoah Saintlouis

Jabberwocky -- Surrealia Anatine

JAPAN DREAM KENJIN -- clubkenjin Loon

Best of SL Boulevard -- Frolic Mills

Strugatsky - Brooks Wharf Gallery & Marina District
-- Kade Klata

Glamorous World -- tanisha Whitfield

Comet Corp
-- Malex Kurosawa

Royal Properties -- Relic Starbrook

BLADERUNNER CITY -- Blackmamba Sands

Aldarian Isle -- Josef Roffo

Serendipita Eventi Ambrielle Benelli

Mermaid Temple -- Kyota Spitteler

-- Maarz Aya

Friedlander II
-- Maarz Aya

Splendeurs Girls & Boys Clothes -- Damien Kleinfeld & 3nity Beresford

Studio Angel -- Angelique Ronmark

Island Cove -- Khryzteen Maggs

Museo del Metaverso -- Roxelo Babenco

ISN Virtual Worlds -- ISN Virtual Worlds

Milano Italia -- ISN Virtual Worlds

Milano Italia (2) -- ISN Virtual Worlds

POD Orientation Island -- ISN Virtual Worlds

Orientation Island
(2)-- ISN Virtual Worlds

Telecom Italia
-- ISN Virtual Worlds

Telecom Italia
(2) -- ISN Virtual Worlds

Telecom Italia
(3)-- ISN Virtual Worlds

Telecom Italia
(4) -- ISN Virtual Worlds

ISN Visions
-- ISN Virtual Worlds

Nazionale Italiana SL
-- ISN Virtual Worlds

V-Soccer -- ISN Virtual Worlds

Telecom Italia (5) ISN Virtual Worlds

SEmotion -- Marie Sims

Blue Rose Isle - Romantic Getaway
-- Gregory Engebretsen

-- Atal Yalin

Skin City
-- Ina Centaur

Island of the Arts -- Priceless Fall

Baie St Anne -- Nicci Lane

Free Town of Helvellyn
-- Espresso Saarinen, Indigo Mertel

Gallery of Camazotz Community Arts Center -- Davina Glitter

North Sea Gallery -- Ciake Cazalet

Truth Island -- Truth Hawks

Khemennu (Cosmique & Kaleidoscopium) -- Thoth Jantzen

Island of the Arts, sponsored by Dream Quest Enterprises, Inc. a California Non-Profit Organization
-- Priceless Fall

We are very grateful to all sim owners which are hosting our kiosk and we are so proud of our presence in such beautiful sceneries!

We are immensely grateful to ISN Virtual Worlds for placing not only one kiosk, but many and in such beautiful and popular sims!

The Kiosk project is part of the Koinup interest for the most beautiful and interesting Second Life (and more in general, at the metaverse) places and regions...

You can contribute to this geotagging project, browsing Koinup places!

The kiosk project is made possible by Annette Wilder from PR Wilder; Annette is a great, accurate and professional PR. She is making a fantastic job for Koinup and we are so proud to have meet her and her professionality!
Have a look at her site!

If you are interested in having a kiosk on your land, you can contact inworld our PR Annette Wilder


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