Saturday, September 13, 2008

Second Life Photograph

If you remember some times ago, many blogger were involved in a debate about Second Life Photograph: "Are photos taken in SL only screenshots or are they something more?" This was the issue....
Now, thanks to the Photo Sessions, we had the chance to take part in many discussions about Second Life Photograph. People, Teachers, Photographers love to discuss about SL Photography. There are ton of topics they love to discuss Windlight, high resolutions, lighting, renderglow and much more.

Second Life Photograph
(and also other Games photograph as the excellent scene of The Sims Photograph) is a medium. It means that SL Photography is a new form of communication, a new form of art. A tool to discuss about, a new way to interact with friends.

Now go in Koinup and join some masterpieces


Anonymous said...

"Are photos taken in SL only screenshots or are they something more?"

What is art? Same discussion and it is and can be discussed forever and over and over... SL photography, for me, is a medium to express myself, feelings, emotions, fun, anger, love, anything...

It´s not the point whether a capture is taken as a screenshot or with a camera, the point is - is it taken with heart and soul, with the fun for shooting, with inspiration? And if the watcher can sense anything of that... then, it´s a good shot, no matter where it comes from :-)

Pier said...

totally agree with you Carlotta! and thanks for sharing your opinions!

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