Monday, September 15, 2008

NPIRL Safaris

The Not Possible IRL and Impossible IRL groups are partnering with Koinup to host a new kind of joint monthly event called the Not Possible IRL Safaris.
This is the announcement on NPIRL Bettina Tizzy Blog

The first Safari called The World of Tayzia Abattoir was Saturday September 13th at 6pm. You can view a photo-reportage from the event, here

Later and once a month, NPIRL and Koinup will offer Safaris and tours with many of Second Life's best content creators, exposing the participants to new sims, new content, and new ideas that are leaving the old world behind and breaching the future. See you there!

The Not Possible IRL (NPIRL) and Impossible IRL (ImpIRL) groups are dedicated to identifying and sharing well conceived and realized content creation in Virtual Worlds which would not be possible in Real Life.

I suggest you to join NPIRL and KOINUP groups in Second Life, in order to stay tuned with the following NPIRL Safaris

NotPossibleIRLSafari 1
the obove photo is from rhysackmann


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