Friday, September 26, 2008

Steampunk Sims

Some members asked us some help and some more informations about the Steampunk Contest! The Koinup Staff is working on retrieve resources ......
Right Now, we are browing on SL in order to find Steampunk Sims...

The following are some Steampunk Sims, that could help you to enter in the exact mood of the contest, and start to imagine what exactly steampunk is at least in SL!

There are many others places that can be classifieds as Steampunk....
I suggest you for getting even more to check it out the Hamlet Au and the Ordinal Malaprop blogs

Steelhead Boomtown
Steelhead Boomtown - Koinup Bu...

Caledon Victoria City
Caledon Victoria City - Koinup...

Rivet Town
Rivet Town East - Clarrice Cin...

FairChang Steam Isle
Steampunk Contest - Burk Bode (thanks burk, for sharing this)

Clockspire Cove
Clockspire Cove - Koinup Burt

Babbage Canals

Babbage Canals - Koinup Burt
(thanks Rafael Fabre for suggest it)

We are building a directory of Steampunk places with images....if you know other steampunk sims, please post them on Koinup
(you can send postcards of these places or upload photos and subsequently add the slurl) and post a message here with a link.....I'll insert the new entries in the blogpost......


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