Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aldarian Isle Photo Safari

Aldarian Isle Stonecircle
Koinup and Aldarian Isle are glad to introduce the Aldarian Isle Photo Safari on Friday, 10. October 11.30 AM SLT!

Aldarian Isle is a free form roleplay medieval style sim, designed with beauty, class and authenticity as the main objectives. Several spots are waiting for your cameras and Koinup and the team from Aldarian Isle are inviting to take part in that safari! Take your shots and send them directly as postcard to Koinup

You can TP to Aldarian here!

This is the Aldarian stream on Koinup!

Join in, take great shots, meet some friends and hope to see you on Aldarian Isle!!

Koinup and the Team from Aldarian Isle

Post-scriptum: Hamlet Au reported on the Aldarian Safari on the NewWorldNotes! Read more


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