Friday, October 31, 2008

Neat Tricks Competition

Kali Meads, the excellent photographer and builder you may have known during the last Photo Week Session, is celebrating the 1st birthday of his Wandering Spirits sim! As a celebration, she is running a cool competition. It is more than a contest, it is more link a super-funny treasure hunt!

this is from her blog

"It was a dark and stormy night a year ago in October, when Kali Meads was accused of murder, her partner was found dead after apparantly shooting himself in the head after a russian roulette game. Kali seemed distraught, but strangeg things were happening at Neat Tricks,artist were visting her Gallery and leaving and giving up art to work in a box packing factory...the world held its breath as Kalis talents seem to get better and the veil between the worlds become thin once more the dead spirits rise form their graves to help you to find out what really has been happening at Neat Tricks"

Can you find the body of her dead partner, and follow the clues?

Neat tricks is holding a competition. You need to follow the clues to find out the final details, and the clues are around Neat tricks and urbania (two parcels joined by a road). Follow the slurl to arrive in Neat Tricks and start looking. The clue trails isnt very long so have fun discovering the secret to Neat Tricks.

Please pay attention to what things say when you attach them as they will give you instructions as to what to do next. If you get stuck at any point IM kali Meads she may help you who knows muahahahaha.

Once you get to the end you will be given a notecard with the competition rules on it and a question to answer. Please post the answer to the question back to Kali Meads and you will be officially entered.

The notecard will also have details of the tag to call your pictures for upload to the koinup page.

The prizes are for first prize judged by kali meads herself) 5 000 lindens and a chance to appear on the front of a real life art book being developed by neat tricks and due for realease in March next year.

second prize is 2000 lindens and a free place to stay at bellecere estates courtesy of bellecere estates amd ladydesire benoir. This prize will be voted for by the public so get your friends to come vote!!! (one vote per avatar only)

The Winners will be announced at Neat Tricks 1st birthday on the 30th of NOVEMBER where Neat tricks is holding a Music festival with four live indie stylin acts. Followed by dj's at Mixtape (the new club opening on Neat Tricks).

All these details can be found on the neat tricks website!

Reminder: the tag for the entries is: neattrickscompetition

For more information IM inworld Kali Meads


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