Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pathfinder, first week results!

We are ready to announce the first winners of the Pathfinder Competition! The theme of the first week was Halloween and some members have discovered (and posted) some amazing Halloween places on the SL Places section!

The winners are
Natasha-Burke ,

The following are some of most scary Halloween sims:

Winners are invited to contact us (write at ) and letting us know their SL names in order to release them the amazing prize!

The Koinup Pathfinder competition is sponsored by some of the most important and popular Second Life Developers. The prize of this week is the well know FilterCam, one of the most fashinating tool for SL photographers. The filter cam is supplied by CodeBastard Redgrave

Tomorrow, we will announce the theme of the next week competition!!!!!!!


Solange said...

Congrats winners! But I am sure Liqueur will win all competitions to come because she's such a prolific traveller. :)

Pier, how do you look for the entries actually? I notice that these are not associated with any tags. Do you look each place up to keep track of which one is in the competition and which one not?

Pier said...

yes, Solange we do that!
in detail, we see which are the places posted during the time-range of competition, then we make an editorial review to see which fits the theme of the week and finally we tp there in order to confirm that.....

and yes, I agree.... Liqueur is an incredible explorer!

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