Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pathfinder, second week results

Winter Wonderland

We are ready to announce the winners of the Pathfinder Contest (2nd week competition)! The theme of the week was "Nature" and some members
have discovered (and posted) some amazing naturalistic places.
You can view the whole stream in the latest second life sims discovered....

The winners are:
Clarrice Cinquetti
Carlotta Ceawlin

The following are some of the sims discovered by our cool explorers:
Cu Mara
Aintree Common

The winners are invited to contact us at editor@koinup.com , letting us know their sl names and claiming the prizes

I remember to all of you that the prize of this week is The FilterCam, the amazing tool for postprocessing the SL photo directly while you are inworld, kindly supplied by Codebastard Redgrave

the image is above is a gorgeous photo by Carlotta Ceawlin taken in Cu Mara


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