Saturday, December 13, 2008

Discover Avi Art Winners and Special Mentions

dear readers, we are glad to announce the winners of the Avatar Art Contest
As previously announced the three judges picked the winners for their sections:
Mario Gerosa for Traditional Art and Post-Kitsch Style, Hamlet Au for Realism and Pop art, Bettina Tizzy for Surrealism and NPIRL Art

The New Realism and Pop Art winners picked by New World Notes Journalist Hamlet Au are:
Life Is A Cabaret Magggg
And so it begins... by Lila

Traditional Art and Post-Kitsch Style winners picked by the Virtual World Expert and Journalist Mario Gerosa are:
Barragan collection No. 2 by GTXXTG
Everybody Hurts Marty86

Surreal and NPIRL section winners picked by the blogger and founder of the NPIRL movement Bettina Tizzy is:
Kaylee Linden at the Mentors' Graduation Party by Winter

A special mention has been deserved by:
Self Portrait by TanaRobbiani

The winners will be showcased at the Museo of Metaverso. More info here

Their works will be moreover showcased on the blogs of judges: Mario Gerosa, Hamlet Au, Bettina Tizzy

Reminder: Today we will gather at Museo del Metaverso for the Avatar Party and Winners of the Avatar Art Showcase. You can read further info here

For people not use with the SL Time.
You can consider the Second Life Time (SLT or SL Time) synonimous of Pacific Standard Time (USA % Canada)

So the party will start at 01:00 AM Pacific Time
(what does it correspond respect to your time zone? look here )

Thanks to all of you for taking part in this great showcase of art and creativity,

and remember; next days, I'll blogspot all the other coolest entries of the contest (so many and so beautiful for only a single blog entry)


Unknown said...

WOOOO!!! Awesome contest! and such phenominal photos to choose from. must have been hard for the judges.

Pier said...

thanks for your kind words Brad! yes, I think they had hard time while picking winners ( ;-))

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