Monday, December 15, 2008

NPIRL Art. The Winner is Winter Wardhani

As promised we will devote several blog entries to the Avatar Art Contest Winners and to the whole Avatar Art Project.
Today I wanna remember the winner of the Surreal-NPIRL category: Winter Wardhani also known as Winter on Koinup.

Winter Wardhani has been picked by Bettina Tizzy blogger, art critic and founder of the NPIRL groups in Second Life.
As rightly explained by Bettina on her blog: "While there were hundreds of photographs to choose from, I selected Winter's image because she strayed away from the "beautiful human" look and did something entirely different, and fun." Read all the Bettina Tizzy comment on the NPIRL blog

Beside "Kaylee Linden at the Mentors' Graduation Party" (the winning photo)on the Winter Wardhani Stream you can browse amazing photos and excellent landscapes

Meet now Winter Wardhani on Koinup!

Here's the direct slurl to the Avatar Art Exhibition inworld


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