Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Amazing Sculptures of Bryn Oh

It was a perfect tour at Immersiva, yesterday for the NPIRL Safari

Bryn Oh the creator of the sim and of all the contents, you can find there, guided us in this fabolous place. He showed us all the hidden parts of this sim.

We saw her melancholic robots, her surreal sculptures and her thinking rooms.

Below is a detail of her sculpture Ferrisquito (photo by ThessWriter)

This is an other detail of a Bryn Oh sculpture (photo by Poid Mahovlich)
Bryn Oh - Poid Mahovlich

If you have some photos of the tour, please post them (and remember to add the slurl: )
All the photos will be visible in the Immersiva Pool

Bark is publishing a fashinating reportage from the Tour, here

Thanks to all the guys which took part in the show!


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