Friday, January 16, 2009

Koinup Interviews: GTXXTG, The Avatar Graphic Artist

Picked by Mario Gerosa as Winner of Avatar Art Contest in the Traditional Art and Post Kitsch Style, GTXXTG is relative new artist on Koinup, if though he has a very long experience with creative tools.
Working mainly in IMVU, GTXXTG is really an unique IMVU Graphic Avatar Artist!

Here's the Interview

Q: When you're creating new contents and photos, where do you draw ideas and inspiration from?

A: In the beginning I started with ideas related to architecture, like you know I'm a big fan of the mexican architect Luis Barragan and also of the Belgium architect Horta. After 7 restarts in IMVU I made a avatar could Louis Barragan. I had alot of friends. To reward them for their friendship and kindness I made for some a pict with there avatar in (Herma collection No. 1 & 2, Terra collection No. 1 & 3) , as a sort of a gift.

Terra collection No. 2

Q: What advice would you give to newcomers and beginners with IMVU art?

A: To newcomers on IMVU: Take your time, go visit some rooms, meet people, make friends, make fun. To the beginners of IMVU art: Steal with your eyes from others, they did the same thing at there beginning. Go to find the answers on the internet you don't find in IMVU. Learn to controle some important applications (like PhotoShop) to create pictures with. There are alot of groups in IMVU where you can sign in for free, with alot of professional members who can help you to become better and better. I had no need to that because I'm a professional grafical designer/painter in my country. I'm working with PhotoShop 1.0 from the beginning (02/1990).

Q: Your 3 absolute fav works on Koinup and why you love them?

A: This is a very difficult question, because there are alot of designers who are making fantastic works, so 3 works out of 345 fav works?

(1) T-shirt by Stessanie: tinny and little pic, high quality made, superb idea.

(2) Romina pf by Stellina89: Stellina has made it so simple, so warm, so naïef, so virgin…

(3) Emotional Abuse by Violentdoll: like the Mona Lisa… is she laughing or not, here eyes going straite through you, she's playing with you, she wanted you… for what? Great work!

To all the other artists in Koinup… congratulations for all your works.

Q: Tell me 2 Koinup artists you should recommended for the next Koinup Interviews?

A: Stellina89 and Violentdoll

Q: What you most love to do while you are in IMVU?

A: To make a big database from all different kind of avatar models with special dresses and to use some in my pics to please all of you.

Q: Are there some places/room where you love hangout?

A: The Dressing Room, to be creative with dresses, hair, shoes, models, etc.

Q: What are your upcoming projects in IMVU and with the IMVU Art?

A: Some new pics for the Barragan collection, a total new collection and a picture for the Terra collection who is nearly ready.

Q: Are you exploring other virtual worlds for creative ventures?

I have deep wishes to explore oneday Sims2 or maybe later Sims3, but for the time being, I have everything in IMVU to be happy with, good friends and Koinup Art Colleagues (or maybe to be a member with a Acces Pass in IMVU).

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