Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pathfinder, 4th round results!

We are ready to announce the winners of the Pathfinder Contest (forth round competition)!
The theme of the week was "Sci Fi Sims" and some members discovered (and posted) some amazing science-fiction based lands.

The winners are:
Liqueur Felix (Liqueur)
Poid Mahovlich

Here are some of the most exciting Sci-Fi sims shared on Koinup by the winners
Insilico West
Dead Realm
Eden Valley

The winners are invited to contact us at , letting us know their sl names and claiming the prizes

I remember to all of you that the prize of this week is a set of FreshPoses, the amazing poses kindly supplied by Ana Lutetia

Ana Lutetia, the well known Second Life fashionistas, blogger and poser, recently joined the crew of Pathfinder as a Partner Developer


Pagura said...

OMG!!! *_* I won! XD
I can't believe it! +_+
Did I deserve it? Really? Did I? ^_^
I'd like to thank all of Koinup community for the interest towards my "works" starting from pier and Ana Lutetia! :) Thank you pier! Thank you Ana! Thank you to all of you!
Oh, yes... I'll thank PaturniaZ too, since she suggested me to take part to the contest! LOL
I won Fresh Poses, Patz!!! ^_^ What about you? ROTFL!!! ( Don't you worry: I'm joking, she's a dear friend of mine! )
My in-world full name is Pagura Oliva. I guess Ana discovered it by herself ( there is only one Pagura in SL up to this moment! LOL ) since I received an email reminder about an inventory offer by her! ^_^

I'd like to tribute my uncontidional admiration towards Liqueur's and Poid's works and galleries! *_* They deserved this victory more than I did! I wish I was a pathfinder and an artist such as they are! ^_^

Thank you again!

Pier said...

thanks Pagura!
some of the sims you discovered are very beautiful!
keep up your work!

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