Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Koinup Interviews: Trixibelle, Real Emotions in Second Life

"For me inspiration comes from emotions. These can be emotions I feel from a piece of music, a personal emotion, an emotion inspired by something someone else is going through or even the feeling I get on a sim."

Trixibelle is one of the most active and long time member on Koinup, her works are usually visible on the Second Life homepage. What she is working the most is trying to capture something real behind the pixel of the avatar.

Some weeks ago, she won the Orange Winter Hunt with a fantastic piece called Peace at Last, shooted in the sim Cu Mara Moreover, her works recently featured in the Map of Avatar Soul (open forum project on Koinup blog)

Here's the Interview with Trixibelle (also known as Cala Rossini in SL)

Q: When you're creating new art and photos, where do you draw ideas and inspiration from?

R: For me inspiration comes from emotions. These can be emotions I feel from a piece of music, a personal emotion, an emotion inspired by something someone else is going through or even the feeling I get on a sim. If I don't get a buzz when I see it I really can't do a good photo.

Dream on

Q: What advice would you give to newcomers and beginners with Second Life art and photography?

A: Firstly to just enjoy it, if you don't then it becomes a chore rather than fun. Explore and don't be afraid to play around with your windlight settings. The best pieces come from tweaking!! Also to make the most of inworld resources such as dedicated artist/photography groups, they are great if you want to ask a question of any sort. Finally I would encourage anyone new to try to "buddy up" with an experienced photographer. Most of the Koinup crew love meeting new people and helping out, and its a fantastic way to learn, just spending an hour taking snaps of a sim with someone beside you to ask questions to. Invaluable.

Q: Your 3 absolutely favourite works on Koinup and why you love them?

A: Well like everyone has said already this is a hard thing to narrow down but there are a few I keep going back to for another look so they must capture something for me.

1) ninja angel by Angel Ronmark

This is still my favourite Koinup picture of all time. Just seeing it again gives me goosebumps. The lighting, expression and colours just all blend to give an amazing feel of this beautiful woman caught inside a costume & role that has become her life. Now she knows nothing else. (yep deep I know, but that is what I feel when i see it)

2) Solie 2008 v.2 by Jade Collins

Jade Collins says the model just turned her head and he caught the moment...and that is exactly what you feel. She draws you in with a look of natural seduction, just her expression. And I love the lighting.

3) Carp by Ashanti

I just love the surreal image.

Q: Tell me two members you should recommended for the next Koinup Interview?

A: Hard again. There are so many amazing photographers. But I think you would get really interesting interviews from Venk (Stephen Venkman) and Lano (Lano Ling). Stephen has done a huge amount to encourage & support artsists in Second Life. Lano is one of the best photographers in sl.

Q: If you should make a reportage from the Metaverse, what places you would love to photograph and share with your friends?

A: I am not very good with architecture, so I tend to head for the sims that are closer to nature. I still love Templum ex Obscurum, it gives massive scope for photographers of all levels. Las Arenas sims are always lovely to visit and are relaxing too! I would also love to be able to take a decent shot of Golgothica, I have seen some amazing pieces from there.

Q: What are your upcoming projects in Second Life?
A: Its looking like I may be getting more involved with the Orange photo sessions, time permitting.

I will be opening my own pose and shape store, hopefully within the next month or so. I still hope to create a gallery dedicated to Koinup folk and would like do more to encourage and help new artists.*

Q: Are you already exploring other worlds for creative ventures? What have you found there?
Nope but having seen HarryMonk WoW pieces and I wouldn't mind taking a look at that. I have accounts in IMVU & Lively but I have too much going on in rl and sl to really look around.

Browse all the Trixibelle Stream

*(let me add that Trixibelle has been the mind behind the Mentor Project, read more here)


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