Friday, February 6, 2009

The best beloved Second Life sims

Some days ago, we asked koinup members to tell us the sim they love the most....Actually, they picked 5 sites:

1) Tempura Island (the awesome japanese naturalistic hotspot)

2) Templum ex Obscurum (the mystical and wonderful sim created by Baron Grayson)

3) Unintended Water (the amazing sim and fav hangout for the toilet installation crew)

4) Beguile (also known as Lost World)

5) Immersiva (the sculpture park of the metaverse artist Bryn Oh)

Each day in Second Life, new sims open and fantastic places spread out from the grid!
I invite to have a look at the latest one discovered!
and hopefully, we will commit ourself to expand the Places section to other worlds, along with SL, to give further enjoyment to our community!

(photo above "forest of autumn" by Narshe Talbot)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for using my picture! And thanks for posting the other sites. I've been looking for some great new places to take pictures recently, and this post is going to be a big help, I think.

Tempura is beautiful. Totally worth cranking the detail up to Ultra and dealing with the frame rate issues... it's gorgeous. Plenty of poses around the place for couples, too.

Pier said...

glad you like the post and found it useful
the goal of koinup is to help people in SL and other virtual worlds to have fun and discover fantastic places...
and yes I agree Tempura is a wonderful spot!

Anonymous said...

Nice idea Pier!
had fun with the remark about the toiletinstallation :-)))

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