Thursday, February 19, 2009

Koinup Interviews: Sebcaen, when art meet the snapshots

Sebcaen, also known in Second Life as Sebcaen Ulysses, is a popular and belowed Second Life Photographer. He is managing a fantastic photo gallery both on Flickr (here) and on Koinup

owns a great taste for the beauty and he known how to get the most out of Second Life. He is particolarly interested in virtual landscapes and he is a great explorer and reporter. You can enjoy his SL landscapes here

Here's the Interview

Q: When you're creating new artworks, where do you draw ideas and inspiration from? And What is your background in Art creation?

A: I have no background in art creation, I start basically to treat some snaps for friends, and by the time, we can't go outside of that.
I use to work with my inspiration who can come from books, or movies I've seen.
But most of my ideas come from the sims I visit, or the peole I met in sl. Someone with a particular outfit, is the perfect target to be snapped :p

La grande Muraille

Q: What advice would you give to beginners with Second Life art and photography ?

Do it by pleasure only. Nobody will become millionar by treating snapshot, so this is not the good way. SL Photography is a wonderful medium to meet people, explore and discover skills or abilities you have but you don't know yet. You can express your vision, your mood like that.

Q: What are the 3 most interesting works on Koinup and why you love them ?

A: 1) Elegy from Ariel Brearly, because this woman is totally awesome, with a great style, and this pic with a cyber.... is fantastic. But it's very hard to choose one of her work...

2)Heaven by Tur, still the wallpaper on my computer. Because he's a great friend, and I know how he works... you can't imagine how much time he spent on this pic.

3)From child to woman by Trixibelle. Simply a stunning realisation, great idea by a wonderful person. A life testimonial in my view.

Q: Tell me two Koinup artists you should recommended for the next Koinup Interview?

If I'm right I never read an interview of Tur, and maybe Icarus Robbiani, who made great landscapes. (indeed, you can read the Icarus Interview, here)

Q: What are your upcoming artistic projects?

A: I want to continue like I do right now, visit (a lot of) sims, do interesting meetings, and work more with some people I already know. But I plan Nothing, I never succeed to realize them.

Q: Along with Second Life, are you exploring and testing other worlds as tools for creativity?

As a Linux user, there is not so much opportunity for us as other worlds. But if another virtual world open, sure I'll try.

Browse the amazing Sebcaen gallery


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