Friday, January 9, 2009

Koinup Interviews: The Metaverse Paintings of Icarus Robbiani

Second Life Photos are more than trivial screenshots, some of them look like paintings. Icarus Robbiani bring the SL Photo scene a step further and depict amazing landscapes, sceneries and visions.
He's using the SL Photo Medium like a painter can do.

Here's the interview with Icarus

Q: When you're creating new artworks, where do you draw ideas and inspiration from?

A: Directly from the subject of my pics, both if they are avatars or landscapes.

Usually I try to made a Second Life Snapshot thinking that is in real world, one of the best rules in that case is to try to made the pic at our best, forgetting that I have the possibly to postprocess it later... In that way I force myself to find the best angle and / or the best windlight setting.

Behind a land well builded or on a tidy avatar, there is always passion, attention, often also poetry. My first thought is to show on my pics all these aspects.

Surely my biggest satisfaction is to transform the hard work of a builder into a painting, a big part of the lands that I had visited are really well builded and that is the best starting point for made a good snapshot.

Lost World

Q: What advice would you give to newcomers and beginners with Second Life art and photography ?

A: First of all: Download the Torley's Windlight Settings and Presets!!!

Second: Take a deep look at Koinup's Second Life Places Directory and bookmark all the places that could be interesting, both to photograph landscapes and avatars. ;-)

Third: When you arrive in a new place, before taking snapshots, try to made a tour of it, the risk to lose some interesting glimpses is very high.

Fourth: Once decided how to made you snapshot (distance and angle), try to be patient and take severals snapshot of the same subject, with different presets.

Fifth (and last, lol): When you have tried all the possibilities in post-production to improve the quality of a snapshot and you aren't satisfied of the result, don't delete the original, maybe you can find the inspiration for the next shoot.

Q: What are the 3 most interesting works on Koinup and why you love them ?

A: Is very difficult to choose only 3 works on all the pics available on Koinup, this community has lot of talented artists :-)

I think that in Second Life is more simply create good artworks than in other worlds, probably is for this that my preferred pic is "Illuminami..." ( ) of Magggg. It's not a simply artwork, it's pure poetry :-)

Then... other two works... I have a lot of works on my mind that can be picked, eheh...

"Dream of the butterflies" of PANTELEIMON-AEON. You can feel all the magic atmosphere of a fairy wood :-)

"From child to woman" of Trixibelle. Another great example of poetry :-)

Q: Tell me two or three Koinup artists you should recommended for the next Koinup Interview?

A: Surely the three artists of my preferred pics, Magggg, PANTELEIMON AEON and Trixibelle (known as Cala Rossini in Second Life)... but also Winter, Karro Lean, BBeau, MedeAthena, Kady, Marty86, Mika_Chan... just be spoilt for choise ;-) (I didn't mentioned Eves Rodenberger just because you have already intervisted her ^_^)

Q: If you should bring a friend of you into the Metaverse, what places you would love to show him?

A: First an empty place. I will ask him to build his dream and I will come back later for take some pics ^_^

Then... choose places is like choose the interesting works, too many possibilities, lol.

But, if I have to reduce the choise at only some places, I think I will show him:

- Golgothica
- Las Arenas Rosadas with all the near sims
- Tempura Island
- Tainted Hearth
- Beguile
- Other 40 different sims (the list is very long...)

Q: What are your upcoming projects in Second Life?

A: On the next weeks we will open, with Morgause978 (known as Morgause978 Merlin)that is another talented artist (both with sl and rl pics), a permanent gallery in Bunny Bay. For this I have to thank a dear and true friend, Paol Oh, that has builded for us the skybox where we will show our artworks :-)

When we will define the exact day for the inauguration, I will publish the invitation on my pics

Then I have also in project to organize a new exhibition, after the success of "What a Wonderful World" on WDT Planet. This time I'd like to try with the portraits, for the moment I can't explain more, the only thing that this new exhibition will have similar with the previous will be the 3 W on the title (but for the moment it's a secret :-P). Surely, before organize it, I want to improve myself on the portraits, I want to capture the essence of each avatar and if is possible also of the person behind it :-)

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