Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Metaverse Explorers improve their skills with the Koinup HUD

Talia Tokugawa just placed on XstreetSL the Koinup Exploration Hud Device

When you enter a new sim the Hud checks the Koinup site to see if the sim is already on the site (on Second Life Places directory).

Whilst it is checking the border and the text will appear blue. Once it has the details the border and text will change to either Green for a sim that exists on the site already, or Red for a sim that is as yet undiscovered by Koinup users.

Probably, while in world you wandered if that sim has been already discovered or not. Well, now you have the answer. Wear the Hud and improve your skills as Metaverse Explorer.

Talia Tokugawa has a lot of experience as Second Life scripter and builder and made the HUD with the only purpose to help the Koinup community.

The HUD is available as freebie on XstreetSL


UPDATE: On 17th february, Talia released the Version 2.0 of the HUD
(more features, more easy to use, include a slurl generator and a connection with your koinup profile). Read More

Attached to the pack there is also a Koinup Tee Shirt provided by hynesyte Harbour (Thanks Hynesite, the t-shirt is very nice!)


Anonymous said...

I think I'd use it - if I could see its code. But according to the Xstreet SL page, it's no-modify, then closed-sourced.

Talia Tokugawa said...

Give me a shout inworld Opensource I would be happy to show you the source.
And piers.. koinup is still being gender confused... "and keep updated on his stream"

Pier said...
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Pier said...

Opensource I invite you to contact directly Talia to discuss that

Talia, I have updated the gender bug

Thess, yes its great I'm looking forward to see many un-discovered sims on your stream!

Solange said...

there's nothing else to say aside from W00T!!!! Thank you!

Pier said...

I'm glad you like it Solange!
Talia made a great job with the HUD and she was even more great by making it a freebie

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