Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Photo Sessions : Raul Crimson to teach poses and expressions

As you know, the Photo Sessions are a series of events dedicated to help SL Photographers to share and collaborate. In the past, Orange Island and Koinup partenered to offer unformal focus on popular Second Life Comunity in Koinup. Today, we digg deeper and propose to you a real class.

Meet us on Thursday 12th of March at 12.00pm SLT for a class about poses and expressions run by our dear Raul Crimson.

Raul's work is often expressive, sometimes perplexing. He always try to fool our sense with real avatar's expressions.

The classe aims to show the importance of poses in SL© Photography as an expression tool and share tools to make them.

The session will be split into two parts. The first one is dedicated to explain how it is crucial to make your own poses when you tell a story in an image, or whe nyou want to create something unique. The second part is about how to make poses, inworld pose maker and freeware software.

The class consist in a slideshow with selected images, URLs for information and downloads of software and finally some simple instructions about the use of this “posemakers”.

Image above: Faces of Love by Raul Crimson


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Surls... can we have the location of the classes? I can't seem to find it in the post (sorry probably my bad)

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