Monday, April 6, 2009

IMVU graphics and avatar art

Today, I like to introduce the work of cloe696, a cool imvu artist, really active in the IMVU art and graphics scene. She has a lovely gallery of avi art.

GorgeousGirls coverv


lilly said...

i dnt like the avatar girl she looks ugly but i like the magazzen thing its cool.... ur avatar needs a makeunder no affence or enythink my avatar is much better.. on imvu my sis gets me 15 gifts a day xD and u dnt hahahaa sorry its just so funny cus im so preetyer then u-hehe-

Ohmygoshies at said...

wow, lilly that was lame? haha.
I like the avatars, they look like real models and worthy of a front page cover magazine. However Lilly, i dont see why its so important which avatar is more prettier. It's a VIRTUAL game.

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