Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Photo Session: presentation of MURKU, the HUD to make comics in Second Life

Always wondering how to make comics within Second Life? This next session will be a good occasion to discover a great tool: the Murku Comic HUD. As you can see in the picture below, Deep Semaphore, the creator of Murku, did an amazing job gathering all the features you need to make a good looking comic book without leaving Second Life. Read all the story, here

Contests are very exciting for photographers. Beside getting prizes, they are a great way to meet people and exchange about making artworks in SL. That’s why the Koinup Second Life Community is pleased to participate in the SL Comics Contest. (rules)

Join us Thursday 23rd of April at 12.00pm SLT on the Orange Island Photo Gallery

Murku Hud

Behind this contest is Deep Semaphore, creator of the Murku HUD. It is a great tool that lets you create comics frames within Second Life.

You can view a tutorial for using the Murku HUD here. To grab the HUD inwolrd, please visit here.

You can submit your entries for the metaverse comics contest, here!

Read further information about this photo session on the Orange Island blog


Pier said...

Ana, contact inworld Deep Semaphore
he's the author of the Murku HUD, probably he would be glad to help

hope it does help

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