Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Virtual Worlds Mushroom Photography Contest

The indefatigable DoubleDown Tandino just launched both a group devoted to Funky and Psichedelia in Virtual Worlds and a related contest called: Best Inworld Mushroom Photographic contest

Members of the group are invited to snap the most beautiful mushrooms they stumble on in virtual worlds and add the photos to the group. The rules are simple.

1) Join this group
2) Photograph the most amazing mushrooms from any virtual worlds.
3) Add your mushroom photos to this group


Unknown said...

Thanks Pier! Yes, I've always enjoyed aesthetics and "trippy visuals". Virtual Worlds make that possible in real time, all the time!

I know there's a wild subculture inworld of psychedelic landscapes, alice in wonderland tributes, grateful dead homages, Super Mario?!?... I'm hoping this group and this contest will pull together a wild crowd of artists and visuals, because, this sub-cyberculture and the art that comes from it isn't always paid attention to even though it's appreicated.

Pier said...
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Pier said...

You're right Brad, there are many sub-cybercultures in virtual worlds that deserve more exposure.

Hope this contest will gain audience and members

Indeed, It could be useful to know if there are some psichedelic windlight presets to download or use while in world. And if there are some cool psichedelic photoshop brushes to be used for people within other virtual worlds. Or better, if there are specific trippy devices for the other worlds....

Talia Tokugawa said...

I really should look through my inventory and upgrade my shrooms at some point...

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