Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Photo Session all about colors by Zephyru Zapedzki

Join us this coming Monday 1st of June at 11.00 am SLT in the Orange Island Photo Gallery for our first class based on RL Photography Theory «Colors in Second Life» by Zephyru Zapedzki.

This session will consist in an introduction to color in Art/Photography/SL. We will then observe the effects of this on the way we use the SL World Environment Editor. Finally, we’ll have some tips about how to work colors out of SL and some practical lessons.

a Photo Session all about colo...

When we asked Zephyru to describe himself he said: «In RL I am mainly an oil on canvas painter and my work’s characteristic is still the vast diversity of styles and themes. I’m also a musician and sometimes a photographer. I'm a self-taughted artist in all the ways of art that I use, a polymath defending the “do-it-yourself” erudition. We can handle photography in SL as in RL, the biggest difference is that in SL we have no limits.»

We wanted to know why he decided to teach us the color Theory and he replied «I’ve been accused of having a great sense of color in my RL work, so maybe this helped my decision. Colors are important in photography as eyes are important to see. Even in the black and white photography, colors determinate the tonality of the grays

Photo Sessions are events dedicated to help photographers share and collaborate. Orange Island and Koinup partner to make instructive classes for SL Photographers and especially the Second Life Comunity on Koinup.

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