Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rocking the Metaverse. Join the live music show in Metaplace

The Koinup “Rocking the Metaverse” live music tour is hitting Metaplace on Tuesday June 2nd, at 1pm Pacific time (SLT), after having been to Orange Island in Second Life, and ReactionGrid (an OpenSim world). After Metaplace comes Twinity.

Live Music in Metaplace!

There is a great line up:

* DJ Doubledown Tandino
* Slim Warrior
* Grace McDunnough
* Dizzy Banjo

The guys at Metaplace just created a fantastic venue to host the show. Its called Rocking the Metaverse World. In order to take part in the show, you have to signup in Metaplace and teleport in the Rocking the Metaverse world at 1PM (Pacific Time or SLT)

You can find all details to attend the Rocking the Metaverse show in Metaplace, here

In order to stay tuned with the event (this and the next ones), I suggest you to join the official: Rocking the Metaverse group


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