Friday, June 26, 2009

Cross Worlds Support

Virtual World Interoperability is still a mirage, but we here at Koinup have a large part of that members that join the website because they are use with some virtual worlds and then, it happens that they start to use other virtual worlds.

For example, the Avatar Pics Competition brought many IMVU, Frenzoo, The Sims members in Second Life. On the contrary, The Rocking the Metaverse initiative drove many people from Second Life to OpenSim, Metaplace, Twinity.

Because of these reasons, we created the CrossWorld Support group.

Basically the idea is giving a space for newbies (beginners with a new world) to meet with long time members of such a world (mentors and skilled members) and ask for or give help to others. Join now the group and help Koinup members to explore new worlds.


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