Friday, June 26, 2009

Sponsor the Rocking the Metaverse show

If you're a media company working in the metaverse, or a virtual world service provider or just a metaverse entushiast, probably you may want to have a sponsorship deal with the Rocking the Metaverse show.

Considering the enthusiasm of the musicians, the positive response and the active cooperation of the virtual worlds, Rocking the Metaverse will be live for some months, bringing live music in old and new virtual worlds.

To re-launch the Rocking the Metaverse project we decided to give companies and metaverse entrepreneurs the opportunity to sponsor the shows and obtain visibility and brand awareness during the show.

Considering the completely pioneristic approach of the initiative and the incredible success of all the Rocking the Metaverse shows, I invite the potential sponsors to consider such a sponsorship deal not only a philantropic initiative but a wide and real opportunity to increase visibility

Berlin - by Andreas Weih

Right now, we're defining the best practices for sponsors placements. Anyway, the sponsors will be prominently displayed during the live shows and featured in the official Rocking the Metaverse channels (RtM Koinup group and Rocking the Metaverse Facebook Page)

If you're interested, you can contact us at


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