Sunday, June 7, 2009

Photo Session: Colors Theory and Second Life Photography. Part 2. On Monday at the Orange Island

Join us this coming Thursday 11th of June at 11.00 am SLT in the Orange Island Photo Gallery for the second part of the class based on RL Photography Theory « Colors in Second Life» by Zephyru Zapedzki.

Last session was actually focused on an introduction to colors (color theory, pigment and electric colors, the chromatic wheels and color profiles) as seen in the transcript we recently posted. This session will consist in an introduction to color in art, photography and SL. We will then observe the effects of this on the SL World Environment Editor.

Zephyru is a self-taught oil on canvas painter. He is also a musician and sometimes a photographer. Colors are an important aspect of his artistic journey.

All about colors. Photo Sessio...

You can join our group on Koinup (the photo-session group), a place where we share our memories from the events.

Photo Sessions are events dedicated to help photographers share and collaborate. Orange Island and Koinup partner to make instructive classes for SL Photographers and especially the Second Life Comunity on Koinup.

Read the story on the Orange Island blog and bookmark the slurl to join the event here


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