Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rocking the Metaverse fans take the stage in Twinity.

Yesterday was a fantastic day for the Metaverse at Twinity. The Rocking the Metaverse performers played for some hours with the Brandenbourg gate as backdrop, in front of dozens of people, fans, Twinity members. Twinity staff did an excellent work, by creating a stage, setup the streams and funnel all the people at the show. DD Tandino, Dizzy Banjo, Grace Mcdunnough, Slim Warrior played great music and the fans excited......take the stage at some point.

Berlin - by Andreas Weih

Rocking the Metaverse is the bed test for the interoperability among virtual worlds. It is so great to cross virtual worlds, meeting people and spreading creativity. Each venue has its own style and advantage. Metaplace was easy and funny, Second Life was immersive, Opensim was pioneristic and Twinity was incredible realistic (if you don't have a Twinity account, create one, now)

You can view some images of the show in the Rocking the Metaverse group pool (thanks Poid, Tara Yeats, Malburns for their impecable coverage).

Thanks particolarly to Myrko, Daniel, Andreas of the Twinity staff. They make all of this possible. Thanks the artists, too. Keep on Rocking the Metaverse all

I invite you to join the group to stay tuned on all the Rocking the Metaverse project!


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