Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Visit the 3d art exhibition at the Koinup SL6B Gallery

SL6B Party is live and you can visit our stand in the sim Virtuocity. Following the slurl you will find an amazing 3d Koinup Logo built by Talia Tokugawa. Inside the build you will have the chance to enjoy the avatar pics exhibition made up with the winning works of the avatar pics competition

Koinup 3d logo - Koinup Burt

I invite all of you to visit the show and browse in 3d your works and the pics of your Koinup friends. Even the not SL members can easily become Second Life members, download the client and following this slurl to enjoy the 3d exhibition.

Probably you will have the chance to meet us, the koinup staff, your koinup friends and other fantastic people, in 3d.


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