Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crosspost your Koinup pictures to Flickr

If you're active both on Koinup and Flickr, you can crosspost your Koinup pics to Flickr by using the Koinup Crosspost Feature.

In order to deploy such feature and crosspost to Flickr your Koinup pics, you have to follow these steps:
1. Login in Flickr
2. Visit your Flickr upload email page
3. Copy the Flickr-upload-email-address
4. Login on Koinup, go to your Koinup account page
5. Paste your Upload Flickr email address in the Crosspost section of your Koinup account
6. Click on "Save Changes"

You can follow also the step by step tutorial with images if you need more info

Once pasted your Flickr Upload Email Address in your Koinup Account, all the pics, uploaded on Koinup, will be crossposted in your Flickr Gallery. Just one click to spread your contents over your favorite websites


Anonymous said...

Can thet be done the other way around?
From flicker to koinup.

Dedric Mauriac said...

Sweet. Are there plans to set this up with Pixelpipe,, or HelloTxt to target more photo sharing sites as well?

Pier said...

If I have to be honest we don't know a lot about these services. Maybe, you might want to give us more info, so we can look into it

Stephen Venkman said...

I seriously wish you could cross post from flickr to koinup. Much like NING networks do.

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