Monday, August 3, 2009

Introducing metanopsis with Poid Mahovlich

My name is Poid and over the coming weeks & months to come, I will be conducting a series of interviews across the metaverse featuring various artists and their work. The objective is to gain a mirror to the minds eye & to peak an interest and inspire a spark which will evoke & promote creativity across the many dimensional spaces that we call the metaverse. Images to portray will naturally be involved & featured and we will show you by way of multi visual stimulus what is going on.

What will also make this interviewing process more immersive is the fact that each person interviewed on metanopsis will be given the opportunity to also ask themselves 3 of their own questions - which direction this will go, in I know not - but it will be interesting to see where it collectively leads us & what journeys it takes us on:)

I thank Pier @koinup who kindly asked me if I would be interested in such a project. The time frame will eb and flow depending on my RL commitments; a regimental output will not be forth coming, but it will be with some regularity. Time is many times elusive and restraints upon it can sometime stifle a process. Think of it as sand blowing in the wind.

So lets see what's out there! The metaverse is a big place with many worlds to explore, each having the same baseline to start from, namely, the creative mind of an artist.
Poid Mahovlich

we each have faces many.
Poid Mahovlich- blog spot


Valiant Westland said...

Looks interesting. I look forward to reading more.

Toxic Menges said...

Well done Koinup for grabbing some of the most interesting people in the SL blogosphere to add some colour to Koinup - an impressive line up so far .. Koinup is going to be even more of a must check site than it is at the moment!

Pier said...

thank you very much Toxic for your kind words, we're looking more and more at Koinup as a gateway to discover and explore easier virtual worlds.

Poid, Soror Nishi and Fiona are going to contribute with their pieces to this area and also by making the blog more vibrant and interesting for readers

Anonymous said...

This is so exciting. It is about time someone had such a great idea. I look forward to coming back here often.

Poid Mahovlich said...

Ty for the comments ! Looking forward to evolving this! Poid

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