Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Koinup's Cream of the Crop - Portraits

Since the inception of photography and even much further back via paintings and sculptures, people have commissioned portraits. The purpose was to capture an essence of the subject; a mood, an expression, a likeness. Immortalization via art. Portraits became important remembrances of the affections for the subject of the work.

Koinup's Portraits is a fabulous repository of these affections for our avatars. Spanning multiple worlds from IMVU to SIMS to SL, the works contained within run the gamut from really raw to extremely digitally enhanced. However it maintains the overall theme of portrait expressionism throughout. This group is super active with well over 2700 works and 250 members. It serves as a reminder as to how popular portrait photography still is today.

Per dire cos'hai fatto di me, non ho la voce by Kady

Photo by: Kady

Kady's Per dire cos'hai fatto di me, non ho la voce translated means "What to say that me, I do not know the voice" Well in this case the picture speaks for her and no amount of words could say it better.

Mira Piano1 by MiraPhoto by: Mira

Mira's piece simply called Mira Piano1 shows us that portrait photography can be much more than shots of the subjects face. This work shows us some real insight into the subject it captures that expression I was talking about above.

Breno Rodrigues by B_RodriguesPhoto by: B_Rodrigues

Here is another fabulous example of non-traditional portraiture. B_Rodrigues' Breno Rodrigues really captivates the viewer and draws them in to explore all this subject has to offer. Although I get a bit lost in his blue eyes. ;-)

There are so many more in this huge group it's well worth a look. Take a few snaps of your own and add them. Show everyone your affection for your avatar. I've added mine! :D

If your group is having a contest or an event, please PM me on Koinup and let me know. I'd love to cover all the fun to be had in joining such expressive groups of people from all over. -Fi

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