Saturday, August 8, 2009

The screens in the Koinup Homepage

If you stop by the Koinup Homepage, probably you could notice that we changed the homepage users images. The new pool is made up some screens created in Second Life, The Sims, Twinity, World of Warcraft. While previously the images were posted automatically on the homepage, by using the "coolest" algorithm, now they are directly picked by the Koinup staff.

Right now, the Koinup homepage is featuring screens by whiteeyed, Marty86, Eves Rodenberger, Poid Mahovlich, Trixibelle, orangeisland

We're going to rewamp the way images are displayed in the homepage. The new images are more socially oriented. What we have learnt these latest months, is that Koinup is more and more used and perceived as a tool and portal to discover interesting things happening in Virtual Worlds. The new images reflect this approach and they are more aimed at showcasing the interesting things you can do, expect and see in virtual worlds.

We're going to launch a series of initiatives whose goal will be getting the direct involvement of the community to create pool of images for the Koinup Homepage.

P.S: If you're logged in Koinup, you can't see the homepage, but you're automatically re-directed to your own Koinup Personal Page.


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