Saturday, August 8, 2009

Meet Me in the Metaverse - Brackish

Today's Meet Me in the Metaverse we are travelling to the sim of Brackish. The landing point is 330m in the air in a cute little shopping area. However the real beauty of this sim lies far beneath. Find the tree with hanging lanterns. Those cleverly designed lanterns are the teleports to the hidden gems that resides within the sim.

If you take the lantern labeled Sea Resort you arrive safely in a tower on the linden land below. As you exit out the tower, you cross a bridge full of streaming sunshine and lush foliage. This bridge provides the means to get to a secret garden; an everglade full of flamingos, tropical birds, lizards, elephants, hanging vines, and even some fungi.

Brackish_Sea_Resort by fiona_haworth

Photo by: fiona_haworth

Brackish is a lovely example that you don't always need a private estate to create something so stellar. The main sanctuary is constructed with prims and flora that control the overall view from within to see only the linden oceans beyond its border. The entire structure is sunk just a bit to provide the water elements necessary for the marsh. Make sure you take all the lanterns and explore the rest of what this sim has to offer…there are surprises everywhere along the way.

Archaelogical Site of Alir by Liqueur

Photo by: Liqueur

I want to thank all the lovely contributors to this Koinup place. Had I not seen the unbelievable pictures contained within this sim, I probably would have dismissed the area after wandering the shops. It took me awhile to find the lantern ports. But since I had seen the collection I had already jumped over the shops and hit the ground to see the marshland gardens below.

Brackish /2 by Icarus_RobbianiPhoto by: Icarus_Robbiani

Lastly, I’ll wrap it up with this note, if you are interested in having your sim featured on Meet Me in the Metaverse, please feel free to contact me in game or via the PM feature within Koinup.

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