Sunday, August 9, 2009

Koinup Widgets. The easiest way to share and distribute your Koinup stuffs everywhere

If you are wondering how to share your Koinup items on other websites and distribute them in a quick easy way, you should have a look at the Koinup Widget Platform

The Koinup Widget Platform allows you to create/customize a widget, by choosing the items you wanna include in the badge and provide you the chance to distribute/istall the widget over your favourite websites (Facebook, Google, Myspace, Blogs) with just one click!

Following are some of the most used functionalities of the Koinup Widget Platform

1. By relying on the Gigya Technology, Koinup Widgets is shareble everywhere. Create the widget and then select in the Gigya menu your fav websites where you want to share your widgets. Give it a try now

2. If you are a Second Life members, probably you may want to have a look at the Second Life Widgets Places. Each place featured on Koinup has its own widget.
Browse here the coolest places

3. Following the requests of some members, we have recently introduced the Groups
, so if you're admin (or even a member) of a specific group on Koinup, you can now easily create and istall everywhere the widget of such a group.
(Visit your fav groups. Click on "get a widget" in the sidebar on the right)

The following is the widget of the group: Avatar


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